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Standard details for Architectural Sheet Metal applications

MCABC Cladding Standards Guidelines



This document has been created to serve as an overview of architectural metal cladding industry, including cladding types, materials and design considerations.  It is to be used as a resource for design professionals and consumers to provide general information on metal cladding design and installation.  The topics covered are in no way exhaustive, and the reader should consult the document references for further information.


The industry has been continuously changing in response to the evolution of building design over the years.  Today’s cladding system is much more than merely a metal finish on the building.  Now, the architectural metal cladding systems incorporate the latest in rain-screen and building envelope principles to improve the overall performance of the building itself.  Aside from simply providing a durable cladding skin to a building, the latest technologies in air, moisture, and thermal management can be incorporated into the systems.  This type of system design requires the cooperation and input from the Architect, the Building Envelope Consultant, and the Mechanical and Structural Engineers to have a total overall designed building system for the end client.


Modern standards include for metal finishes that are cold-rolled, hand formed, or machined. The variations available are constantly changing with the imagination of the designers, manufacturers, builders, and owners.


As the industry has grown and developed, industry leaders have formed a group called the Metal Cladding Association of British Columbia (MCABC) to provide information on industry standards and upgraded training.  The goal of the MCABC is to ensure that the highest standards are maintained for advancements within the architectural metal cladding industry.  Always at the forefront of current designs and product technologies, the MCABC provides general technical guidance for architects, designers, engineers, and builders needed to achieve structurally sound and ambitious designs with architectural metal finishes.


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